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Experience the Passion of Watercolor

Observer. Artist. Watercolorist. Dale L. Popovich IWS is an award-winning watercolor artist and art teacher who is passionate about capturing the raw beauty of the American landscape with the fluid stroke of a brush.



What's the Difference Between a Demonstration/Study and a Studio Painting?

Demonstrations (demos) are intended as a learning tool in my classes. There's a limited time frame to show how to create a watercolor painting with the students. Lecturing about the materials, process, brushwork, techniques, and use of color. However, in my studio, I have the complete concentration for the painting with no time limit and no lecturing. So the real difference is the demo is an artist's study of the process and the studio painting is a finished piece.




My wife and I own two of Dale's landscape paintings. They are realistic yet transcendent: they invite the viewer to not only contemplate the beauty of our world but also to reflect on the paths their own lives have taken. To me, they embody the spirit of a poem by Frost or Whitman. 

Stephen J Manich, Lawyer

The colors are rich, the textures complex, the technique superb – yet all of these we have come to expect as almost commonplace in a painting by Dale L Popovich.

What sets him apart is his uncanny ability to capture the fleeting moments of raw beauty in the natural landscape that surrounds us. The artist reminds us, as he paints his heart and soul into each work of art, to hold on to and always hold those moments dear, for they transcend us from the mundane and mortal to the magical and imperishable.

Giclee prints are equally transformative, as one is hard pressed to distinguish them from the originals.

Sue Speichert, Owner and Editor, Lily & Fin Magazine

On a vacation to Tuscany, Italy, we took a side trip to the lovely town of Cortona ("Under The Tuscan Sun" We took many pictures there, especially in the main square. We wanted a physical memento of the place, beyond a photo, so we asked Dale if he could capture that square in a painting. The result was a beautiful piece of work that we have hanging in our living room! Thanks again, Dale!

Larry & Karen Gardner, Owners Gardners LTD

I am fortunate to have nine of Dale L Popovich's watercolor paintings in my living room. They bring many wonderful feelings each in a different way. Here is my personal take about each piece of art.

The impending weather change shown with large dark storm clouds moving through a farm house always gives me pause and reminds me of how strong mother nature is. The lightness of a small beach picture allows me to remember that soon summer will come. A farm scene reminds me of a different time in my life with the openness and freedom of childhood. The winter scene shows the beauty of the snow – not just white but many gorgeous shades of blue. And the solitude of a dry brook and to start detailed trees along the bank allow me to feel it is OK to be alone sometimes. The lone young man walking in the snow conveys a feeling of loss while his bright red jacket makes me feel OK. My bird picture reminds me of strength and beauty. A large gorgeous farm scene with many detailed buildings show that caring for what you live with brings beauty and love. The starkness of a stream and birch trees in the winter setting is cooling during a hot, humid day in the summer.

Lenore Coover, Owner, Pediatric Case Management Services